Swim pools of salt

eyes closed

Rinse in rain

like a madman

Swear often

chose your volume

Babble through snot

use sleeve as necessary

Ignore phone

for quiet’s leisure

Answer door

in midnight’s fohawk

Get moody

at rightful random

Lose face

and laugh as crazy

Plead and pray

to higher power

Make no sense

just to unravel

Forget small things

like house and car keys

Watch the past

crash into now

Ripen armpits

without a shower

Eat ice-cream

at two am

Walk through nature

by ocean and prairies

Catch the smile

of every stranger

Be with friends

accepting sorrows

Rise up in morning

meet the dawn

Answer questions

with redirection

Go away

to someplace new

find the healing

art for you



© Tammy Mezera 2015

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