20 Below Club

You’re a Diamond in the Rough, a Genius, an Eccentric Soul … we all know it because we are too! Here at 20BelowClub you are esteemed and cherished despite the fact that you never get more than 20 likes on a WordPress post! Whether a newbie to WordPress or a struggler for someone actually liking your work post likes, you can feel right at home to declare your brilliance among fellow artists, writers and thinkers.

I know, the experts give a million reasons why you don’t get more likes and it may wear and tear at your sensibilities hearing all the well meaning advice. Here are some excuses examples.

  • Spelling/Grammar sucks
  • Almost every poem or story starts with ‘I’ in the first three lines
  • Your marketing skills suck
  • Rudeness is reciprocated – people take the time to comment on your blog and you don’t even press the like button or…

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