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Writers Without Money – On Being A Failed Writer (article)

The Social Historian – ‘The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers” (article)

GolNaran – O’Fortuna (art)

IMPREINTofficial – Cut Off July 27th at 5.00 pm (Homelessness Art Project)

In Noir Velvet – 6 word stories: 211 (art/creative writing)

Wants To Know – The Butch Ego (poetry)

Jennspoint– Let the Sunshine In (art)

Ahlswede Collection – Jared Diamond – What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies? (video Interview)

Elizabeth Ann Johnson – Murphree – The Birth Of Madness (poetry)

Consciousness Creates Reality – The Disintegrated (poetry)

Inside Out- Baubar (travel diary)

Write Whore Write- Scribere Scortum – Crowned (poetry)