Just a few more

than this mood

blessed sleep

without surmise

I’ll know what to do


clouds to pass



Something  to get me

out of mind

my heart 

is weary,

another day

might heal it

I need the pause

of waiting


Not trying

to hurt anybody

this whirlwind

is lodged inside

and tire of it

blowing over

across our every



So just a few more

than this mood

I need the calm

to mend

I’ll know what

to say tomorrow

to make it

somehow better



I’m sorry

I didn’t mean

to leave

this way

so very sorry

of goodbye

not knowing

what could have been


It was a only a few

to close my eyes

a cocktail

sure to sleep

when black

without color

ignores the lies



© Tammy Mezera 2015

Book  All In Unison


(Drug and Alcohol abuse and misuse was the last mistake for many who didn’t want to die. Survivors know hope afterward, even the survivors of personal crises who get help without drug and alcohol abuse)