Bring it, I’ve got fire and ice

not playing nice

there’s no saying no

when you’re looking that fine and mine

don’t need a whip burning these thighs

baby no don’t let go yet

that grind, losing my mind

collapsing that forte of calm 

making a mess

of my mental possess

bring it, I hadn’t enough

you haven’t a chance

this ain’t romance for nice and slow

not afraid of rough

your favorite blue lace

just went to hell

already burning here

room’s on fire

ice dripping down your naval

will keep you cool and able

you haven’t enough

when it’s feeling so fine

like living and dying

gasping for more

for something to hold onto

when the world is spinning

no, we’re not done

I’m not playing nice

you submitted

to be mine

this is going to last

all night in fire

and ice

and no where else to go


© Tammy Mezera 2015