Looking for someone who is

and they know it

beneath the layers

she risks her nakedness

and raw thoughts like that of a fat person

for who is a size seven mentally

exercising sellable traits and likable features

while whoring the evils within

the solitude of the soul- Guilty!


While at the table

it would be nice one morning

for her to ask a penetrating question

so deep I would feel like I am being thrusted

into pleasure and pain


without a safe place to go

treading through risks


I want a conniver!

who knows how to talk to me

and lure me to open the door

to lie to my fears

with cunning words of trust

and place the poison of affection in my cup

until we inherit the same space

between these walls


I want a poet

who will write

‘words have no meaning

what you are reading

is only a script

of my soul’

then take the crumbled page and flatten

placing a rose on top

as she makes the unknown

known to me


And I want pardon

for the many mistakes I will make

for the things I have yet to learn

for the growing in progress

and it would not be fair

to want so much

without giving in return

that she doesn’t have to pardon me

or forgive me for


© Tammy Mezera 2001


Book  In And Out Of Unison