Smiling to your smile
I can be a sinner and a saint

and what would you make me?
slipping my tongue inside to meet yours
feeling your body CRY out
slightly trembling
missing the soft touch of a lover

and this sssaint

would take your vulnerability
into my hands
until you trust my strength to hold you
as you continue to grow
into the person you want to become

and this sssinner

would make you stumble into the unknown
lighting your passions with a poetry flame
and make love to you
until you curse the morning’s arrival for another day
being tired and distracted
feeling the ghostly touches
as you try to hide
what you ARE really thinking in front of strangers
noticing your wetness
while riding the city train, alone, looking out the window

then this sssaint

will guide you to the stories of children playing
in the park…of art and music and
the beauty of the elderly and time and dogs and dolphins
northern lights, oceans, virtues and honesty
and how poor children of the world need to eat

Yet this sssinner

wants your body to feel homeless and cold
until I touch you again
kiss your breast
slowly s p r e a d your legs
until your burning and need me to…

again and again

then pulling you into me
as your tongue pursues
holding your head in my hands
as I hold mine back
making you an accomplice
to this desire
and this journey in loving someone
through the incredible…which is life
in its own form and solidarity
to meet with eye and ear and touch that this


would love to share
and this..
be integrated therein

© 2016 Tammy Mezera


Book In And Out Of Unison